Amp Inventory

New Guitar Amps

Fishman Loudbox Artist**

Kustom KG1 2.0Kustom

KGBAT10 Kustom PH1012 Kustom

Arrow 16 Kustom KXB10 Kustom

KG1 Marshall AS50D Marshall

CODE 25 Marshal DSL 5CMarshall DSL 20C


Marshall MG15CFRMarshall

MG15 CPR*Marshall

MG30CFX Marshall

MG50CFX Roland Micro

Roland Cube 40GX

Vox AGA4-AT**

Vox VXII 30W*

Vox VT20X

Warwick BC20


Used Guitar Amps

Gibson G-10 Solid State*

Airline 62-9013A*

Crate GLX 212

Legend Super Lead 50*

1969/70 Fender Princeton Silverface*

Music Man 112RD Sixty-Five*

Yorkville YCV40*

Looking for used or vintage amps? Our selection of pre-owned gear changes frequently. Stop by either location to see what’s new!

*can be found at our 480 Broadway location

**can be found at both locations

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