Amp Inventory

New Guitar Amps

Fishman Loudbox Artist**
Kustom KG1 2.0
Kustom KGBAT10
Kustom PH1012
Kustom Arrow 16
Kustom KXB10
Kustom KG1
Marshall AS50D
Marshall CODE 25
Marshal DSL 5C
Marshall DSL 15C
Marshall DSL40C


Marshall MG15CFR
Marshall MG15 CPR*
Marshall MG30CFX
Marshall MG50CFX
Roland Micro Cube
Roland Cube 40GX
Vox AGA4-AT**
Vox VXII 30W*
Vox VT20X
Vox AC30VR
Warwick BC20

Used Guitar Amps

Airline Model-62*
Fender Acoustisonic 30
Yorkville AM50*
*can be found at our 480 Broadway location
**can be found at both locations
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