New Electric Guitars

75 Weible ave.

Austin Super 6 LP

Cort M200 Black

Cort G100 Brown

Cort G100 Red

Cort Telecaster Pro (Vintage)

Eastman SB-59GB

Eastman T186MX

Epiphone LP Custom

Epiphone LP STD

Epiphone SG100

Fender American Strat STD

G&L Asat Classic

Godin Multiac Steel Doyle Dykes Signature Edition Black HG

Godin LGXTSA Sunburst AAA Flame Maple Top

Godin LGXTSA Trans Blue AA Flame Maple Top

Godin ACS Slim SA

Godin A6 Ultra

Godin Deluxe Acousticaster

Oscar Schmidt

Rockaway Telecaster

Reverend Pete Anderson Signature Telecaster

Reverend Double Agent 20th Anniversary





480 Broadway

Eastman T64V

Eastman T186MX

Cort M200 Black

Cort M200 Brown


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