Our in house Repair Shop takes great pride in our instrument repairs. From guitars, to mandolins, to classical cellos. If it has strings, we can fix it. All viable repairs are welcome. Our thorough approach allows us to inspect, evaluate and execute flawless repairs. We spend more time and take better care with your instrument so you can rest assured you are in good hands with your prized possession.. Give use the time for a proper repair and we guarantee you will be happy with your instrument.

Have a Large Restoration? In town Briefly?

If you are looking to discuss an extensive repair, or would like personal attention, please call ahead of time at (518) 581-1604. We will be happy to go over the repair process with you in detail.

Cheap Fixes Are Never Recommended


Poorly made instruments and/or poorly taken care of instruments can often be more difficult and time consuming to repair. Because of this, "Cheap Fix" turns into "Expensive Headache." It then becomes difficult to charge a customer extra time required in their "Cheap Fix" repair. Quick Fixes are never encouraged, and we refuse to reduce bench prices for an instrument that isn't worth putting money into. We understand the sentimental value instruments possess, however, "cheap fixes" and "quick jobs" are not part of our thorough repair process.

Turnaround Time

Instrument restring and cleaning are usually turned around in less than 48 hours. The turnaround time for general repairs including but not limited to.... pickup installs, setup and custom wiring is 1-2 weeks. Certain guitar (i.e. 12-String, Floyd Rose) require extra bench time, as such we charge for the extra time required.

Need Your Guitar ASAP?

A $25 rush charge will guarantee your instrument within 48 hours. This can only be applied to your repair IF OUR SCHEDULE PERMITS IT and can be completed within a 48 hour period.