Used Guitars at 480 Broadway and 75 Weibel ave.


Collings 000-2HSB (480 Broadway)

Kay Barnie Kessel (Vintage) (480 Broadway)

Sherwood Deluxe (Vintage) (480 Broadway)

Epiphone Masterbuilt (480 Broadway)

Ibanez M340

Taylor 812c (480 Broadway)

Taylor 214 (480 Broadway)

Deering Goodtime Openback(Banjo) (480 Broadway)

Breedlove Solo 12-String (480 Broadway)

Seagull M12GT 12-String (480 Broadway)

Yamaha NTX900FM (480 Broadway)

Washburn CEACT42S (480 Broadway)

Stella Sunburst Parlor (480 Broadway)


Michael Kelly Patriot Custom (75 Weibel)

Sherwood Arch Top (480 Broadway)

1964 Gibson ES175 (480 Broadway)

Jackson JS22-7 string (75 Weibel)

PRS SE EG (75 Weibel)

Danelectro Semi-Hollow (75 Weibel)

1994 Fender American Std. Blue (75 Weibel)

Fender Telecaster Custom MIJ

1995 Fender Telecaster SB

1978 Fender Telecaster (480 Broadway)

Washburn Starfire (75 Weibel)





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