Used Guitars at 480 Broadway and 75 Weibel ave.


Alvarez Yari DY38

Eastman AC420

‘65 Epiphone Madrid Classical

Martin: The Ryman Guitar (480 Broadway)

Mitchell Ac/El CW(480BW)

Martin 000-17SM

Sherwood Deluxe (Vintage) (480 Broadway)

Stella Sunburst Parlor (480 Broadway)




Fender Splattercaster Stratocaster

Ibanez Tallman (early)

Ibanez Artcore

Tradition Jerry Reed Telecaster

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Deluxe: Blue Flame

’87 Gibson ES175

Hagstrom Swede

Peavey T-40 Bass White

Sherwood Arch Top (480 Broadway)

Larrivee RS4 (Early issue) (480 Broadway)

2015 USA G&L Legacy w/OHSC (480 Broadway)

Peavey Patriot: single pick-up

Peavey T-40 Bass SB

Hofner Chancellor Arch Top

Epiphone Sheraton SB

Peavey T-60 - Black

Peavey T-60 - White

Peavey T-15

Peavey T-25

Gibson Les Paul Special 2003

High Gloss, P-100’s, Single Cut

PRS Tremonte






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